Good news, you are eligible to participate in the program.

We will be in touch with more information. If you wish, you may continue with registration now, or set up a time to speak with a team member. 


Still have Questions?


What happens during and after I register?

Register - Create an account within our HIPAA-compliant system. You will add a credit card to your account, but the card will not yet be charged.

Choose.  You’ll choose your state-licensed therapist and schedule all 8 sessions for the program. (Provider Directory)

Meet. You will meet with your state-licensed therapist over a live video session to be sure that brain-gut therapy is right for you.  

Pay. Only after your first session with your therapist, your card will be charged a one-time fee for the entire program.

Insurance. After completing the program, you'll receive a receipt of services from your therapist.