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Our mission is to help the millions of people suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) through online delivery of clinically-proven treatments.

Here’s the problem we solve

Psychotherapy is the most effective treatment for IBS, but patients don’t have access to qualified, GI trained therapists. There are simply not enough therapists trained in GI health and the clinically-proven gut-directed psychotherapy protocols. Further, physician practice groups often do not have psychotherapists on staff and do not know where to send patients for treatment.  metaMe is where patients diagnosed with IBS can find qualified, licensed, GI trained therapists.

Here’s how

We teamed up with Dr. Olafur Palsson, creator of The North Carolina Protocol for treating IBS, to deliver the protocol exclusively through our online platform metaMe Connect ( Together with Dr. Palsson and the rest of our Scientific Advisory Board, we are removing geographic barriers to treatment for patients and therapists while maintaining rigorous scientific and clinical standards.

What is metaMe Connect?

metaMe Connect is a new kind of telemedicine platform that delivers what is called a Digital Therapeutic. Our digital therapeutic delivers the North Carolina Protocol for IBS. It includes HIPAA-compliant live video sessions between patients and therapists, recorded content for patients, adherence and symptom monitoring, real-time feedback and encouragement for patients, and ways for patients to interact and communicate with therapists. With the patient's permission, the system can generate a report that is reviewed by the therapist and sent back to the referring physician. Patients benefit by receiving treatment at home or work from licensed professionals for less than the cost of traditional office visits.

From the therapist's perspective, meteMe Connect provides practice management services such as scheduling, billing, and marketing. metaMe's programs feature pre-recorded therapist videos, allowing therapists to be more efficient in delivering high-quality patient care.

Science shows it works

Psychotherapy works for IBS because a primary cause of IBS is neurological: a dysregulation in communication between the brain and the gut. Current prescription drugs treat only gut symptoms of constipation and diarrhea and are effective in about 25% of patients. In contrast, 29 randomized controlled trials show that psychobehavioral approaches provide relief to over 70% of patients, with a 50% average reduction in all of the major symptoms. This includes abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. Importantly, the protocol was shown to work on IBS-mixed type patients, for which drugs are particularly ineffective. The effects are durable, with one study showing that among those that got relief, for 80% it lasted for 5 years.  The NC protocol consists of 7 sessions given over 3 months. Read more about the 25+ pier reviewed published studies illustrating the evidence.

Expand your reach

We engage new patients who (1) are referred to us by doctors; (2) find us online through our marketing and education efforts or (3) who enroll through our special in-clinic registration programs at centers of excellence throughout the country.

Work with the best

Our Scientific Advisory Board includes Dr. Olafur Palsson, author of the standardized treatment protocol, Dr. Laurie Keefer, Director of Psychobehavioral Research at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai NYC, Dr. John Pandolfino, Chief of the GI department at Northwestern Medicine and Dr. Lin Chang, Professor of Medicine at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Join our network

You can be part of our growing network of GI-trained, state-licensed therapists who deliver the only clinically-proven, standardized psychological treatment for IBS online. Most therapists work with us part-time, on their own schedule, from a location of their choice. There is no cost to join and once you do, you may deliver the NC protocol under our worldwide exclusive license. We currently operate in New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, California and Oregon, and with plans to expand nationwide.

  • Are you enthusiastic about learning and staying current about the clinical application of brain-gut therapy?
  • Are you a state-licensed healthcare professional? 
  • Is your insurance and licensure current?