Our Programs



Maximum flexibility

  • A live Assessment with your therapist to make sure the program is right for you.

  • Sessions (1-7) are delivered through a digital recording of your therapist.


flexibLe and Personalized

  • A live Assessment with your therapist to make sure the program is right for you.

  • Three sessions are live online with your therapist (Assessment and Sessions 1 and 7).

  • Live sessions are up to 45-minutes in length, plenty of time to both complete your treatment session and interact personally with your therapist.

  • Five sessions are delivered through a digital recording of your therapist (Sessions 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6). 

Both programs use a standardized Brain-Gut therapy approach that has been clinically proven to be effective in treating IBS. All programs include an Assessment session and seven Treatment sessions structured every other week, a 15 minute daily practice and a booster to wrap up your treatment 3 months after you complete your seventh treatment session. Your case will be monitored with a therapist throughout the program. All offerings include a detailed report of your progress and adherence, which (with your permission) can be sent to your referring doctor at the end of the program. Note that both programs may not be available from all therapists. 

  • Whichever of the three offerings you choose, your therapist will meet with you online face-to-face for your assessment.

  • Whichever program you choose, your therapist will receive your symptom severity forms from each session to track your progress. Reminders will be sent for all appointments.

  • All three offerings include a booster session delivered 3-months after your 7th treatment session.


Meet our established, state-licensed providers, specially trained in our 8-session protocol and specifically trained in Irritable Bowel Syndrome.



Meet your therapist over a live video chat to be sure that the metaMe Connect program is right for you. 

Therapy Sessions


Treatment includes eight 30-45 minute sessions, one every other week, over three months. All of your sessions will be with the same therapist, and all are taken from the comfort of your home or office through your computer or smartphone.  

Daily Practice


Each day, set aside 15 relaxing minutes for an audio session to continue and reinforce progress.